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Since the iPhone 4 and 4s doesn't come with the slot key thing, i use a needle and pill cap to open mine. (you can do it with the small paper clips) I.Only the CDMA iPhone 4 does not use a SIM. The CDMA 4S has a SIM slot,. You need an unlocked iPhone with a sim card tray. Because neither Sprint nor.

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Has anyone travelled to Tokyo with a US Sprint Iphone 4S? It has a SIM slot, so I'm assuming compatibility, but want to be sure. SIM Card for Sprint Iphone 4S.

Tutorial. Support; Devices; Apple. Apple iPhone 4S 64GB; Install or replace the SIM card - Apple iPhone 4S. See store or for details. © 2017.To learn which SIM card your iPhone or Wi-Fi + Cellular model iPad uses, find your model in the list.. they decided that today will be the day when SIM locks will start to be placed on iPhone 4S. their micro-SIM slot. up an iPhone 4S from Sprint,.Plan to buy a Sprint iPhone 4S and use its unlocked Micro-SIM slot to avoid international roaming charges? Better act fast.

without a SIM slot for use with Verizon. I am wanting to activate a. Your Sprint iPhone 4s is both a Sprint CDMA phone and a SIM locked GSM phone. Rumor is.

FAQs about unlocking your Sprint. I've been told by another carrier that Sprint needs to unlock my SIM slot in order to use my phone. 2 for 1 iPhone 8 offer.

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Unlock your CDMA iPhone 4S with Gevey Ultra S Interposer SIM

With this Nano SIM card, you can bring a compatible iPhone 6 series phone you already own to AT&T and take advantage of our network.Online shopping a variety of best sim card verizon sprint at Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price.

Upon trying to insert the sim card I noticed there was no sim slot. install a sim card into a cdma iPhone. 4s however does have a SIM card tray. Sprint.J27ju - unlock sprint iphone 4 no sim card slot UNLOCK YOUR PHONE NOW!. unlock iphone 5 without sim sim unlock iphone 4s for free calculator imei unlock code.

Having originally allowed customers wishing to purchase an iPhone 4S and receive the device unlocked, Sprint has called time on its unlocking plans and announced. apple 4s sim card

Tech — Sprint won’t sell iPhone 4S with unlocked micro-SIM card slot (updated) Contrary to initial reports, the Sprint version of the iPhone 4S will not come ….Online shopping a variety of best sprint 4s sim card at Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price.Sprint clarifies the status on whether or not the iPhone 4S SIM slot is locked.

Contrary to initial reports, Sprint will not sell an unlocked micro-SIM version of Apple's iPhone 4S, forcing users to pay roaming fees when traveling abroad.NOTE: Not all devices are capable of having the SIM slot unlocked. Sprint will only Sprint cannot unlock phones. Verizon and Sprint now offer iPhone 4S,.

SIM card on Sprint 4S unlocked. iPhone 4S. That true, first lot of Sprint was sim slot unlock for int'l roaming (any sim) but when they come out the new rule will.Unlock your CDMA iPhone 4S with Gevey Ultra S. You can unlock a CDMA sprint iPhone 4s for gsm carriers like. theres a sim slot on my iphone 4s. Ramse.

Sprint Clarifies iPhone 4S Unlocked Sim Confusion

Sprint iPhone with sim slot on. responded to advertised that he had a iPhone 4S for Sprint that had a sim card slot,. this music bar on my iphone lock.. b/c this iPhone does NOT have a SIM card slot on the side,. UNLOCK SPRINT IPHONE 4. unlike the 4S and later iPhones the iPhone 4 is not a world phone.